With Or Without You

In Her Own Words

I'm starting over, I'm moving onThe me you thought you knew is dead and goneThis was never about you, it was always about meAnd who I want to beYou resist the winds of changeThat carry me over waves into a different terrainI've sailed past you and now I'm not looking backTo the life I left at lastWhen you said you were in it for the long runYou let me downYou disappeared again but this time it's for goodI'll face this aloneYou'll never know what it's likeTo carry the weight of the world on your shouldersForgotten all of your values and promisesAnd abandoned your trusted friendsLike we never meant a thing(We can do this with or without you)And now you want me to go back?It's not that I won't, it's just that I can'tIt's too late to turn this ship aroundAs it's captain if it sinks, I drownOur course is set just like my mindAnd in the end you'll come out behindI've sailed past you and now I'm not looking backTo life I left at lastWe've changed for the better, we write what comes outWe scream our lungs out, we don't wanna be anybody but ourselvesWe don't try to please anybody but ourselvesWe've changed for the betterLearn to forgive but we'll never forgetAll the people who tried to pull us downWe'll keep this moving with our feet on the ground

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