Turn To Monster

Jamie T

Well it's fine you know the son was young
and then he started grow up faster
Parents wondered what went wrong
and then he turned into a little monster

Well I didn't expect much more
son was a little scaly wag wag wagger
can't see much more of a lesser known guest
and the oldest straight away
back to the point,
give him three coca colas he'll run away
write up the walls and down
a little dirty scallywag of a monster

So mamma please let us out on the town
we wanna drink we wanna fight we want it all night
we're gonna smash up your neighbours car
if you don't let us out the door
that's fine and dandy i'll just climb out my window
leave y'all see ya later never liked you anyway
I swear i'm adopted stop it

The son was young then he turned to a monster

I'm the oldest man in the familly
I might be just a teenager but my minds much sharper than anybodies
and dad's just a drink drink drunker
now back to the point of the matter
I'm still here and I'm still walking out
see you later i'm gonna get a job
cos I'm leaving school cos I ???

Heavy heart, leaving me solo
see you later mamma gonna be a bread winner
take a time watch your clock walk up
don't worry mamma cos I'm a m-m-monster

Well I never like you mamma and I never liked your type of music
infact I sold all your cds out the back of your car just to prove it
and I spent the money HAHA seriously on all that whiskey
that time when I puked up on the doorstep and you told me I was a monster
and now I'm back to tell you that I will never end the truth
I'll be back around the way soon befopre never end me then I'm through
So a killer, that's just me I'm the killer of a happy family
And that's fine with you is it? Fine with me, fine well fuck off and die

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