The warmth
Of their hearts died
A long, long time ago
Turned into dark, dark night
The smile on their faces
Went away
This world is full of evil
No reason to stay

They are people
Who kill each other
And even
Their own brother.
They kidnap and rape little children
But those aren't long in jail
They come out, you think they are healed
But then they fail

They snatch
They snatch
Others' life
They snatch
They snatch
Others' life�

My heart cries
All I see are tears in my eyes
The world would be so nice
But there are only lies!!!...

They snatch

My heart cries

Wars kill thousands of thousands
Blood lies on the ground
Can you hear the victims' cries
But no one notices that agonizing sound
You can't trust
Anyone anywhere. Anymore
Everywhere you look
There is cruel war

They cheat, injure,
Hurt and kill
They didn't recognize others� will
Racism, rape, drugs and crime
The evil has reigned the world
Since the beginning of time�

They snatch�

My heart cries�

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