The Bomb


Billions of years!
Billions of tears!

Just illusion
Once blessing
Now just confusion.
Activated and armed
It's too late
The time is running short
Now you'll meet your fate

Time will come!
Your end is near!

Doomed to destroy yourselves
You deserve a thousand hells
I will laugh at you
You don't deserve anything else!...

Look into the flash
If you wanna get blind
At least you can't see the fire
That is the end of the whole of mankind
The mushroom cloud
Is growing high
Shock waves are rushing up
Soon you will die!

I can see you burning!

Doomed to destroy yourselves

So easy
Just one command
What once was green
Now is desert land
Explosion and destruction
To blot out life forever
Never restorable forever and ever

End of all existence!
End of all life!

Billions of years!
Billions of tears!

Doomed to destroy yourselves

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