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I'm Going To Kill The President Of U.S.A.


If this is front line, there's no hope for the world.
Devils, we're raised by fucking devils,
Who've been raised by fucking devils,
Wearing our saviors as skins.

How can I believe what you say?
Your propaganda bullshit makes me sick.
Murdered fascists make no noise (or promises).
I'd shed your blood to fucking save the world.
You're living a lie, straight to hell.

Well I'd rather have my eyes sewn shut,
Than see all the shit that we've done.
And I'd rather be deaf dumb and blind
Than pledge allegiance to a man of your kind.

You put words in my mouth,
I'd like to put a bullet in yours.
I'll send you to hell.
You're goin to hell with me motherfocker.

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