Your Friends Are Full Of Shit


I can't pretend
that i can stomach your face.
I can't believe the shit that comes out.
I'll never forget, never relent, never recant.
My face is too far gone, been walking forever,
Caring about what you think.

That's what i said baby,
It's where its at baby,
I'll wear a smile when
I stab you in the back baby.
So watch your step kid,
Protect your neck kid,
And if you're lucky
They wont find you fucking dead.

You're keeping this shit alive?
You're full of shit.

Right, how can't you remember my name?
You never gave a shit.
You are the maggots i never forget.
Say your forevers and never forget.

I tried for so long, trust me
I fucking tried.

Riot, you're such a fucking riot.

Just walk away bitch before i drop you.

A life for a life, an eye for an eye.
I can't pretend that you're just like me.
A life for a life, an eye for an eye.
We'll leave the world blind and keep pretending.
Just walk away before i drop you.
You're fucking dead bitch

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