Let's Just do It (feat. T-boz)

Left Eye

[Left Eye]
Come on
We're gonna do this one right here
Lets just do it
See when I wanna do somethin'
I just do what I feel
Ya know what I'm sayin?
I just do it straight from the heart (uh)
So we can do it, and do it, and do it, and do it

Nobody never understood me better
A true friend forever
That's why I'm writin' you this love letter
Despite my ways
Through every phase
You brought me better days
Withstood the craze
From the beginnin' Windy Hill the black linen
When I was saggin' denim
And let ya get up in 'em
Until I damaged
When I selected
Another nigga but we managed
To stay connected
When you expected
To see me naked
I couldn't let it
Five years and you still respected
Now check it
Give me a second to unwind
You'll find all the pain and misery
It nearly blew my mind
Can't no fame and chivalry
Compare to losin' time
I'll explain my history
Aboard the cruise at nine
Don't be late
Cuz I would hate to cross the Seven Seas
In the windy breeze
Without your fantasies
Lets do it

Chorus [T-Boz]:
Lets just do it
Do it do it do it do it aww yeah
Lets just do it
Do it do it do it do it uh huh
Lets just do it
Do it do it do it do it aww yeah
Lets just do it
Do it do it do it do it do it

[Left Eye]
With seven days in a week
I would be crazy to think
Ten different cities to freak
Would knock me off of my feet
You make my life complete
When I speak of endless radiant beats
And fillin' stadium seats
While spreadin' love on the streets
Nobody dares to compete
With the heat in this trio
I got more fire than the Leo
A Gemini superhero
I shine the light on the zero
Cast inifinity clearer then
What most can see
So that we shall infectuously
Spread that TLC
So impetuously to the E-N-D and
I bet you it's me
With my head so far up
In the sky
Into the highest of high
It makes you wanna ask why
Why do I think we can fly
Cuz no lie no
If you follow the blind
You gon' get left behind
I move the hands of time
Because the world is mine
Yet and still
I got so far to climb so
Lets just do it


[Left Eye]
Check it

Anything that the heart desires
Lets just do it
And if you think it's gonna take it higher
Lets just do it
Anything that the mind can see
Lets just do it
And do it, and do it, and do it, and do it, and do it

1-2 you wanna unbuckle my shoes
And go for knuckles and bruises
To get these family jewels
3-4 don't wanna answer the door
And so you jump on the floor
And like a lion you roar
5-6 your brother makin' you sick
And so you tell him his chick
Is just a 5 dollar trick
7-8 you got a hot dinner date
But don't wanna order no plate
Because you already ate
9-10 you comin' back again
Sneakin' in the movie with friends
Because you missed the end
11-12 you lookin out for yourself
We actin' funny with money
You got a stack on the shelf
I make decisions with gut style
Precision no time for intermission
I cut 5 incisions
My vision to get into it breaks ice into fluid
Just run right through it
Ain't nothin' but to do it
Just do it



[Left Eye]
Left Eye
Got my lil' sis Raindrop
And lil' Ronald Ron
Lets Just Do it



[Left Eye]
Big ups to 97 point Fizz-ive
103 point 3
Uh check it
Lets do it
And Nandi
And Shanti
And Blaque
And Skyy
All on LEP Left Eye Productions
Come and see me on LEP TV
LEP Dance
Pimp LEP
Left Eye Productions


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