The Universal Quest

Left Eye

It's for the open minded

Now what do you believe?
Who do you receive?
Where do you go next?
And through what exit do you leave?
The questions that I believe confessions go to He
Count your many lessons and blessings that they bring
This is for my breed and all life that is conceived
Energy told me you manifest your destiny
What is energy?
It's what you eat
It's what you breathe
It's what you think
It permeates throughout your being
And serves a link to all other energies
That's anything and everything
Moving light that you have never seen
And light carries information
Without hesitation vibrations glean
Through the constellation, manifestation stimulated
Better destination, total creation realizations
And mental concentration
Alienated from the truth
Is why we conversated
Savin' the nation for the youth
Is for my observation

Are you free or are you guided?
Do you make your own decisions?
Our only responsibility is love (love)

Let's touch on Christianity
I question all humanity
Is God so full of vanity?
That children enter this family
Who haven't yet to see that Jesus is the key
Or suffer this calamity, I cast you down for an eternity
You can call me what you want to
But the man in me
Separated from this false reality
Would never be the victim of casualty
For my lack of understanding there's a guarantee
Spirituality has immortality
No matter your status or nationality
What's your locality notice the fallacy
We're all separated by principalities
Billions of galaxies and all you see is this
In the totality of eternal bliss
A life of sin it's all the kin

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