Mr. Charlie

Lightnin' Hopkins

Once in the country there was a little boy; every morning that he
would go to the table with his little two sisters and brothers, you know,
he would go there, he couldn't talk but his mother didn't know what
was wrong with him so... she would go to the table in the morning, she
would fix for breakfast, she'd fix toast and coffee, enough, coffee for
the tin, toast for the eggs for the church, then she would ask and say,
"what you want this morning?" Oh mama, toast and milk, you know
things like that you know. But the little old boy he couldn't talk good,
so she asked him say "what you want son"? Said "sa-sa-a I want-t
t-t-t-" She said "Hush". Say "I tell you what to do. You just hush, I just
go bring you what I bring the rest of 'em, cause one of these days I'm
gonna learn you how to talk."

She goin' back and she fixes, the next morning same thing. "So what
would you children want this morning?" "Butter 'n toast mama." Get
around to the little old boy, say "What you want"? He say, "bu-bu-bu-
bu-bu-bu..." she say "Lord, have mercy," that's what mama said and
she walked away, say "wonder what's wrong with my child?"

He heard her. But you know the little boy couldn't do no better. So
after he'd find out that mama couldn't understand him, and he couldn't
understand the way his mama was doin' him, he packed up his little
flower sack, and he decide that he would leave.

So when he left, on his way, he run up on a old rollin' mill, what they
call Mister Charlie's. So he walked up to mister Charlie, mister Charlie
was workin' round in his rose bushes 'n things... so he taps him: "mi-mi-mi..." say "Mister!" But he didn't know his name that time. The man-acapo

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