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Conversation Blues

Lightnin' Hopkins

Alright now, Junior I got this one
Hey, I want to tell you somethin', Junior
Well, I want you to tell me somethin', make me see
Junior, I want you to tell me somethin'
Lord, tell old poor Sonny somethin', make him see
If I ever come to your home, Junior
I'm gonna bring all you women right back here with me

Oh hell, that's the thing to do, Sonny, I got it here
Aha, you asked poor Junior to give you somethin'
Some kind of arrangement to make you see
Well, you asked poor Junior to give you something, yes I did
Whoa Lord, to make poor Sonny Terry see
You know I only got two eyes and I'll offer you one
Whoa yeah now, don't you think well of me?

Well, you know I would thank you, Junior
Yes, what you said is so kind to me
Whoa, what you said Junior
Lord, you know you make that feel so good to me
Well, if I could walk around and see like you, Junior
Lord, you know I'd be happy as a man can be

You know I feel your sympathy, yes, you do, boy
And I know just what you mean
Oh, I feel your sympathy, Lord, have mercy
Sonny Terry, I know just what you mean
Oh, if you take my left eye and it don't make it no better
Take my right and we [??] will be

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