Force Feedback

Machinae Supremacy

Take a look across this vast uncharted battlefield
You still don’t know your enemy
A bunch of pissed off freaks with infinite mad skills
And a newfound taste for blood

We made this life
You have no place here
No right

This is the world you’re in,
and this is where ours begins
A borderless nation of thoughts to replace
your walled-in existence in space
Sure you already know,
that your age was long ago
We augment reality online
and you hail from ancient times

We are like sleeper cells, we hide in plain sight
If you can’t see you can not fight
This is a war between our culture and your laws
With millions born into the cause

Now we’re taking it back
You don’t believe me?
(Force) feedback

I don’t think you understand
These are our shores and our land
You are a stranger here
And we won’t be idle as you interfere

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