The Villain of This Story

Machinae Supremacy

Where I was, not one to follow
You gave me something I did not believe
Was ever meant for me
Oh my God, I

I am grateful, you know that
But I have nothing to give in return for this
My life for what?
What else was I good for?

You know me
I can’t be redeemed
What do you want from me?
You took me out of play
And now you choose to free me again?
I have no cause
I don’t believe
I kill, that’s all I know
I am the villain of this story
What else could I ever be?

My penance weaved into this conflict
This hidden war
I can’t believe
You gave me back what I thought for sure lost

But I don’t see what I can do here
What is it you want me to be for you?
My life for what?
What else was I good for?

Even though I can’t feel what you feel
I understand, and we move forward
Better than alone
Yeah, I am

I'm so much better by your side than lost in night
I have my own reasons

But I’ll believe for you

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