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Back For The Fight

Oliver Boyd And The Remembralls

The sun is high today.
But I don’t feel the heat that’s stretching for the shade.
These thoughts are driving me insane.
I miss your touch and wish for one more kiss again.
‘Cause I can not forget about those nights.
You made me feel alive.
I’ll choose every time I move,
To make one step closer home to you.
‘Cause this circumstance has split,
Us up and it’s killing me.
But if you can wait, I’ll be right,
Back for the fight.
Your image burns into my mind.
When I ponder on this love I’ve left behind.
Dreams are falling short these days.
But I must go on ’cause I can’t have it both ways.
You mean to much to sacrifice.
I won’t make the same mistake twice.
We make perfect sense and,
It’s not worth wasting.
Hopelessly love sick and jaded,
But I’ll keep trying,
To get back to you no matter,
What the price is.
So listen to me,
When I say.

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