The Boy Who Lived

Oliver Boyd And The Remembralls

Here’s a tale about a boy who lived
Raised a muggle, always struggling
His parents died, he was left with a scar
By the evil Lord Voldemort
All these years he’s been wondering why
He’s the one to make the sacrifice
But when he sleeps at night he knows
That he can never go home
He’s the one they call Harry Potter
A lightning scar and hair like his father’s
With a task that only he can do
He’ll keep fighting ’til the fighting’s through
Years went by and he felt out of place
Until the day he turned a certain age
He was taken to a school where he
Would become a hero naturally
Aboard the train, he met a boy named Ron
He knew he’d met someone that he could count on
There was Hermione with all of her smarts
They would discover mysteries of the Dark Arts

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