How Could I Know?

Raul Seixas

Reformulation, re-arrange the game you're in
Let us start from begin with confidence you'll win
That's the reason you were born

Cause Jusus Christ, man
Won't be coming back no more
He set up his proper laws
And you know web that he did
Just what he should have done

As I was growing and my hair was getting longer
I was feeling so much stronger
I could carry my guitar and I knew that I cold sing

But, hey, how could I know
The Wind would blow with the rain?
Hey, how could I see
What would they make out of me?

When I was little
Used to dream I was a king
Now They tought me how to sing
Think I've got most everything
I could ever asked for

You've got pencil, your guitar, your amplifier
Searching for the lousy liers
You'll set this word on fire
Like Nero did to Rome

Hey, how could I know
My eyes could see in the dark?
Hey, don't press on me
I'm not to blame can't you see?

It's been too long now
Since the latest reb has gone
Who know you'll be the next
To go down in history?

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