You'll Remember Me

Roberto Carlos

Compositor:Roberto Carlos

You'll Remember Me Don't even try forgetting me You'll only find You just might find somebody else That I'll be right there in your heart to fill your nights And on your mind He'll whisper words of love to you The things we said on quiet nights It won't feel right The love we made so sweet You'll try to find me in his eyes Some things are hard to leave behind But that's not where I'll be You will remember me I'm part of you you can't deny You will remember me And when he's making love to you I know the thing will disappear Don't call my name As time goes by You'll want to love him and though you try But feelings lingerin our he It's not the same They will not die The details of the life we shared Though we may go our separate ways Will haunt your memory This love will always be You'll tell yourself that you don't care In years to come just like today But you'll remember me You will remember me

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