Hataz Ain't Gon Like It

Rose Royce

[Hook - 2x]
These haters ain't gon like it
You better talk to a psychic
If you think, you can't figure out
Lil Yo next move, you crazaaaaaay

[Lil Mario]
I got these punk ass niggas, trying to figure me out
What Lil' Yo coming with, or when that boy gon drop
Well here it is motherfucker, this Street Fame 3
And ain't no nigga on the streets, going harder than me
You niggas fairy tale rappers, and I see through y'all
Garden City been known, for breaking bitch niggas jaws
And I don't talk to hoe niggas, who talk too much
On the other line drunk, giving info up
Yo what you coming with next, bitch wait and see
And it ain't official nigga, unless you heard it from me
I'm the Northstar kid, been hated by many
But they don't want none of Yo, man I know y'all feel me

[Hook - 2x]

[Lil Mario]
Crazy they must be, I had enough G
Recollecting the game, that these O.G.'s taught me
Lay low, fight my case and I'm ready
ATW the corner, and stack feddy
I'm back on my game, so tell all your friends
Lil Mario done popped up, once again
That boy's a young G, can't count him out
Move dope when it's good, move c.d.'s in a drought
From Gulfbank to Garden City, represent all that
And everythang I done lost, bitch I'm getting it back
I want my plack, and my throne and the title
Little kids up in the ghetto look up to me, so I'm a idol
And I hold it down for them, everytime I breathe
Cause I know, they got they faith in me
And I'd never tell y'all, what's written down for my plans
Cause y'all might start talking my hand, know I'm saying

[Hook - 2x]

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