If My Gal

Rose Royce

Yeah, this is for all my ex's out there
All the females I use to fuck with, back in the game
One thing about it baby, I don't lose you know I'm tal'n bout
Y'all lose, so feel this here

If my gal, wanna let me go
I ain't worried, I'll find another hoe
And if my train, falls off the track
Sometimes, she be wanting me back

[Lil Mario]
Now when you left lil' mama, I didn't want you to leave
But you know I had a back up plan, up my sleeve
And I fucked your best friend, and I think you know that
You thought you hurt me by leaving, well I'm getting you back
And I done fucked niggaz gals, so they mad at me
They claiming I'm a hoe for that, but they don't know me
When lil' mama heard this song, she gave me a call
She done put Lil Yo picture, back up on her wall
And I'm the only nigga, never struck out on the road
Let's hit Lil Yo room, I know he got him some hoes
And since baby boo left, I been trapped in a maze
And I been thinking bout these girls I had, back in the day


[Lil Mario]
Now verse two what it's on, got to set things straight
Cause in this world some things you love, and some things you hate
Now that I'm single on the market, women love that there
They say Lil Mario, can I braid your hair
I tell 'em I don't have a gal, and they can't believe
If your ex gal tripping, you can fuck with me
I told her write down your number, and I'll give you a call
Late night come through, so I can break you off
The next day my ex gal, tried to come to my show
I didn't even look away, I just played that roll
The best thing I ever had, trying to put me down
But now I'm back up on my game, how you like me now

[Hook - 2x]

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