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Everything Changes

Scatman John

I've been checkin' out the structure of all I have done
It ain't what I expected but it's what I've become
The stress I've created from the lie of my game
Is not on the contract signed with my name
I spoke to a prophet who was bored with the job
Keep singin' and dancin', he'd be tellin' the mobs
As soon as you're elected you're gonna be reject
All you've got is the moment
Cause everything changes
Cause everything changes

I'm sittin' on an anthill here at the top
My head's become so swollen I expect it to pop
I'm lookin' for a hole in the wall of my spell
There's got to be a path to the way out of hell
My plane's about to crash I've been flyin' too high
All that I can do now is surrender or die
If there's anything I want to say or want you to do
Keep living in the moment

Live in the moment (moment)
Life is for living in the moment
Live in the moment
Because it lives for you, yeah

My life is so exciting there's no life at all
And trying to ride a tidal wave you can't help but fall
Suspended animation I'm a puppet on a string
A canary in a cage ain't expected to sing
Yo Yo mama here I am at the top
And your little Johnny boy ain't ever gonna flop
I try to keep my face while I'm keeping up the pace
I'm living in the moment
Cause everything changes

I've looked everywhere and I still haven't found
A new way of living that's wholesome and sound
Where speaking is wordless and closed can see
Where all is at peace and we all can be free, yeah
Everybody's speakin' yet nobody talks and
Everybody's shakin' and walkin' that walk
Unspeakable treasures begin to unfold from
Stayin' in the moment

(repeat chorus)

Composição: A.Catania / J.Larkin

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