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Song of Scatland

Scatman John

Imagine a land of love
Where people have time to care
Where everybody's equal
And we all tell the truth

If you're wondering where this magical place is
You don't have to look too far
You'll find it between your deepest dreams and warmest wishes

The society of Scatland is composed of
Very loving caring people who have
Never even heard of political corruption
Class distinction, war and all the
Other stuff that goes on in the world of earth people.
Everyone is equal in Scatland.
Everyone is equal. Everyone is equal.

We've got to believe in love - That's all there ever will be
That's all there's ever been - For you and me.

I wonder if you're wondering where Scatland is?
It isn't far away. I'll take you there now.
Just close your eyes, make a wish, give yourself a hug.
You're half-way there, just love yourself - love yourself
And a dream will come true. You'll find yourslf in
And suddenly discover that the person from Scatland is

The people of Scatland speak in Scatish
Scatish is a language not quite like a leprechaun
It sounds like a language of the people of earth
Who speak in a tongue of their own.
You're all from Scatland. Hatred and resentment?
Well that's unheard of. It's unheard of.

We've got to believe in love...
We've got to believe in love...

This is a brand new day know what I say,
Love is understanding.
Believe me believe me believe me.

We've got to believe in love...
(Scatting by Scatman John)

I want to thank you all for joining
In celebration of the world of

Composição: Scatman John

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