Nobody's Baby

Sheer Mag

I can't contain myself when im looking at you
I don't wanna dance with nobody else
But i gotta know
Do you want me too?

I get a jolt when our eyes meet
That i can't understand
I wanna feel the midnight heat
And my stomach drop when you take my hand

I've got a tender heart
And i'm trusting you
Don't make me feel like a fool from the start
But where've you gone
Why can't you

Dance with the one that you brought
Treat me the way i deserve?
I gave you my love but it's all for naught
Cause you don't know just what i'm worth

I'm nobodys baby
I'm nobodys girl

I can't tell which is worse
Never having known
Or wanting you so bad that it hurts
What's on your mind?
You don't

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