Worth The Tears

Sheer Mag

Why can't i take you home when i need you?
When i get you on your own i can't figure it out
You won't talk to me

Tell me what is up
Cuz lately i've been feelin' not good enough
So i wrote you a letter to tell you how i feel
You won't read it though
You don't wanna know

But at least i tried
And the time we had was worth the tears that you made me cry
I won't be afraid
And i'll never forget the good lovin' that we made

Well your stubbornness reveals itself
But you ain't coming back jack i won't do it again
Even if i want to

But it is so sad
I mourn only for the love that we used to have
Can't live in the past while the world moves on
But i still think about ya
And you oughta know

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