Crossfire (feat. Fronz)

Sink The Ship

Disarrayed everything I've seen
Oh you take away all the good in me
All I know is that I've lost all hope
An open window is the only thing I need

If you're looking for me I will be in the crossfire of the cheaters and the liars
Trying to survive this tragedy, waiting for the day I can just run
And I'll run oh ill run until my legs give out
Because until there's no one left
This is a city where you have to watch your step

Dragging me down to the depths of how low that you are I struggle to
Get back up and reform myself
And turn back into who I was before you got ahold of me
I'm not the same
This time I over-did it

Pacing the halls figuring how I can make these days stop echoing
I scratch my head and let a sigh
I am hoping I can rediscover who I used to be
And bring a change
This time I over did it

Watch your back again
I keep my eyes wide open
And I don't pretend that I can trust anyone
The way I trust my friends

Cause If we thought that way then we'd all be dead
So wake up and I will offer everyone a piece of my mind
You can't stop overlooking all the fakers and liars around
Here it's a mockery so lets just pretend that we can all escape
And end up somewhere good in the end

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