Sink The Ship

I’ve gotta get my head on straight
They say I’m digging a hole and I am in too deep
But I don’t know what they’re talking about and if you ask me
They wanna see me fail
But you won’t

I always persevere
If you’ve got a problem, we can solve it, I’m standing right here
I see you smiling now, but when the odds are against me
You motherfuckers double down

It’s really hard to be humble in this jungle we call home
You never gave me a reason to believe in you
It’s plain and simple
You’d sell me out in a second
I have heart, you do not
That’s where we’re different
I don’t foresee a change
I’m a decent man and that is where we’re not the same

Heart of a lion inside my chest
No matter how hard they push me, I’m pushing back
I’m too proud to beg
You’re either with me or against me
There is no in-between
I’m all the things that you will never be
And you are the epitome of everything I want to rip apart

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