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Skin Yard

You give it to another beast
The beast is on, on its feet
You give away another lie
It hurts your heart, so why do you lie?

All I ever want to do is
Go back in time
Go back in time, alive

Sometimes I like to fill this void
Of knowing nothing, I fill this void
Sometimes I cry because I lie
But my life is so small, I love to lie

Oh, time
I like to lie to you this time

I slayed the dragon, it's true
Saved your life
I lied with the body
Not the knife
I killed the king, it's true
Trapped, you're free
We flew to the sky
Lie to me

I like to lie away the time
I love to lie every time

You give it to another lie
The lie is beast, and it's alive
You give it to another beast
It hurts your heart, but you must lie

All I ever want to do is
Go back there
Go back there in time

Oh, time
Time, oh time

My life is so small
I lied this time
The beast, the beast is on its feet
Slayed the dragon, it's true
Life's so small, what to do?
Lied so live this time

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