This Lonely Place

Skin Yard

I'm thinking that I've had enough
Of this place, of this place
I wanna get out right now
From this place

Thinking 'bout the time I take
Just go away, just go away
Saying that I should not leave
On the lonely dark path

It's saying that it's getting late
But along this path I see a girl
Saying come along, come along

It's getting hot outside now
The evening it howls
Sick of that T. V
Gotta get, gotta get out

Thinking 'bout the time I take
From this place

I'm saying that I have to go
Away from this place
The girl with the black lace
Follow my lips and my face

It's saying that I got to go
From this place, from this place
Go where they hide you there
From the lonely place, lonely, lonely place

Beat on my eyes, beat on my eyes
In my lonely place

Composição: Daniel House/Ben McMillan

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