Gaia's Calling


How far can go
The human foolishness?
We destroy our sorce of life
Polluting from east to west
Capitalist or socialist
In one point both seen the same
Showing insensibility
To mother nature
And in the close of an eye
Another part of earth goes away
Threre's no turning back

Heed the call of gaia
See the tears on her face
Heed tha call of gaia
We gotta heal this wounds
Now before it's too late
'Cause the world
Won't stand it day by day

Isn't there and end
To mankind gridness?
Step by step we keep
On this selfish way
Will we stand and wait
'Till water's gone and skies become grey
To realize it´ time to change

It will come the time
When earth will punish us
For our mistakes
We'll be sentenced to fade

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