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I Will Never Be Untrue

The Doors

I will never be untrue
Do anything you would want me to
Never stay out drinking
No later than two
(two thirty...)

I will never treat you mean
And i won't cause no kind of scene
Tell you all the people
All the places i have been

I will always treat you kind
Try to give you peace of mind
Only you tell me that you love me
One more time

Now darling
Please don't be sad
Don't run off like that
When you get mad
Cause if you do
You gonna lose
The best friend
That you ever had
That's no lie...

I will never be untrue
Do everything you want me to do
Bring all my loving all my money
Bring it all home to you

I never be untrue

Composição: John Densmore/Robby Krieger/Ray Manzarek/Jim Morrison

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