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Our Love Will Dry Out On Christmas

The Electric Diorama

Lights catch you asleep
and out there is freezing
this time of the year is the worst

I drive by your house
I stop by your window
dealing with the last bottle of wine

It's turning to 7 a.m.
I cheer to you, and after all
for christmas our love will be dead

You should be all right
and I smoke waiting someone
to ask me to light up her heart

Summer got sick
and so for the roses
you put'em in a diary
You sat and stared at a blur picture

Now I
Swear, dear
it's not a love song
I'm telling you this is the end

What I should understand? Child,
last part of this year
was the best
but enough for a lifetime
I got it at last.
Fill your eyes with black
when you think of the past
you love me the most,
but you'll never know (this).

Draw back you steps
as clocks spell the hours
timing the hurt in my chest.

No house by the sea,
and november left just
a bunch of words over your bed,
thrilling your head.

All words
dries out
just wait some day more and for
christmas our love will be dead.

It's turning into something I hate
(giving too much for none)
Nothing is left but
(giving so much to you)
the fact I can bleed without you.

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