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1000 Doors (Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion Song)

The Living Tombstone

So, have you heard of the house on the hill
I hear it's haunted, and crawling with all types of evil
But I am not afraid of any legends or lores
And I want answers to what might be behind all these doors
Knocking and waiting for some sort of reply
It seems there's nobody in here, and I want to know why
I can feel a shiver crawling way up my spine
But I know there's something that's waiting at the end of the line

Another door, another question
I'm going 'round in circles, wond'ring when I'll reach the end
I'm losing the sense of where I am
The hallways got longer and all the walls have turned red

I've come to, 900, hands covered in sores
Now there are only, 100 of these spine-chilling doors
But I just can't imagine what could be at the end
And I am hoping, it's all worth it to my little friend
Spooky, what is it that you're hiding from me?
I feel there's something, that's missing don't know what it could be
I just finished opening nine hundred and three
Will I survive it, until the end there's no guarantee

So many doors, so many questions
My eyes are getting heavy and I just want it to end
I'm losing, my grip on reality
I've seen no one else here and now I fear I am dead

There's just a few more doors, it won't take many more... Just one at a time
You've got your axe in hand, everything's gonna be fine in the end... Or so she pretends
Oh Spooky I've got a bone, to pick with you when I'm done, with your little game
I open the last door... Don't know what's in store

The final, encounter, was so unforeseen
Everything I thought, of Spooky wasn't quite what it seemed
The evidence I came across gave me just the thing
To understand more, of Spooky and her sad upbringing
Lost and, so lonely and so misunderstood
Turns out the thing she, loved most to do had done her in good
The shock of what had happened lasted year after year
And so the family, did everything to make her appear

The final door, the ultimatum
Surrounded by a thousand and I can't help but give in
Our mission, to change our history
The people will think twice when visited by Spooky

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