Don't Go Round With The Jews


Don't go round with the Jews
You don't know which danger you'll find
On the rail of your life
It's so hard to change your direction once you are running.

Guy, don't trust in the Jews
Their identity is not the face you see
They show you what they want you to see
And then you're compelled to believe, you may not agree
But you will never know the truth.

Don't go round with the Jews
You should be afraid of their kind attitude
When you're invited to a feast
Don't expect to have fun, to be a guest respected and hailed.

If you are lucky you only have to serve
Otherwise you're an instrument to keep their hatred calm
You have to keep the peace in their world
And receive all their tensions, their apprehensions
They don't care if they humiliate you.

Don't go round with the Jews
They use and discard you and use you and kill you slowly in your brain
No, there will be no alliance
I will never mix my lymph with the blood of the Jews.

Being part of their system?
No, I prefer a sorrowful death.

No, no, don't go round with the Jews
Reclaim you independence, reclaim your purity
Decode their system
They'll suck your blood, they'll use your energy
And the fear will lead you to agree
They will destroy you.

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