Freyja's Cat


So much time has passed but I still remember you
It's like you are here and I can feel you breathing
I remember your eyes, blue as bright as dew
And you looked at me as you wanted to say:

My sister, my sister
I want to play with you
Don't you want it, too?

Now in Valhalla you are sitting by the Gods
You were my kitten and now you're serving Freyja
You drag her coach and you keep this dream alive
And you are in my nightmares as you wanted to say:

My sister, my sister
I want to play with you
Don't you want it, too?
My sister, you are my sister
I want to meet your look again
Don't you want it, too?

Your life was short
But you had your time to live
And I lived with you
Then my heart was broken
Death pulled you away from me
And I could only cry
I could only cry.

Freyja's cat now lives in an other world
But when he was here he played like an earthly cat
He scratched the trees and his claws caressed my face
And he listened to me when I played the flute

Time can't stop and it can't start again
And you'll never come back home
You must be where you are
You live where the warriors live and the glory is for you
And you'll wait, I will die
You'll wait, I will die.

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