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Free (feat. Fancy Inc & Roland Clark)

Vintage Culture

It wasn't so long ago when we last saw each other
When we last danced together under the same stars
I remember it like it was yesterday when
And full moons and summer breezes accompanied us
In open fields of love

We would hold hands as our favorite melody trickled out
Of the speakers like raindrops from clouds
And the only thing that mattered was that we were together

But I'm here to deliver the news that those days
We treasure so much are just over the horizon
Through the glare of the setting Sun
I can clearly see a celebration

A celebration of togetherness
A celebration of life
Once again we will dance throughout the night
And even the sunrise

I can see it
Can you see it?
I can feel it
Can you feel it?

Can you see us singing to our favorite song
With our hands raised high in the sky
As if we were trying to touch an invisible vibe to take home
It's just a matter of time
Close your eyes and imagine us together again
If you can feel it then it shall be

Imagine waking up to thunde
R without the rain only to realize
It's that face in your face

Imagine taking a breath
Without wondering if it soon will be your last
Imagine kissing the one you love once again without fear
Well, that day is now

Finally, we are back
Back in the place we used to congregate
Where all around us we see familiar faces
Creating new memories to replace the ones we lost

With people from all over the world
With words not be spoken
Love is the universal language now

Finally, we are free
Free to roam
Free to touch
Free to move
Free to dance
Free to rejoice
From now until tomorrow
Welcome back!

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