Golden Wings


See, the fire is burning within
Holding your dreams alive
Feel, the shining light of your heart
Is calling you back

And i woke up and felt that life is not
What we beliieved so far
Emotions and feelings have gone
To a place far beyond

I'm searching the way to the path
Without my logical senses
God am i so strong
To accept that i am wrong?

Hear, the thunder that's lightning your mind
Are the thoughts that you hide
Why? Can't you understand who am i
I'm the voice in your dreams

Is the truth a reflection of light that comes
From the mirror of illusion
Theories of chaos control
The desires of the world

So i fight my beliefs and i break down
The wall of ignorance
Morality and knowledge have won
The temptations have been torn

No more self wasted, no ways to obey
A shining star lighting my way
Touching the sun with my mind's golden wings
A new life bound to begin

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