The Fire Is Burning Bright


See the darkest days
Come closer everyday
Clouds of madness covering the plains

Death is on the loose
And ignorance is bliss!
Flames devouring dead bodies on the streets

The stench of death I feel
Echoes in my heart
Rips apart my soul I'm falling to the ground

Can't run away from here
Trapped inside my fear
Voices I can hear that the time is drawing near

This is the time to break the gates of hell
And seek for the sign to lead you up to heaven, heaven
Can't you here the angel's voice my friend?
Break the chains and you'll be free forever, ever
Time is right, the fire's burning bright

And as we lost our pride
Chained beneath the sky
Stumble on the rocks as we searched to be alive

The chains are growing weak
Can't hold me to the ground
My mind is flying away never to be bound

Closer to the sun
Blinding down my sight
Nothing evermore will keep me to the line

Far away the light
Glowing in the night
Forever onward to the fire burning bright

The time is right
I feel the fires burning bright
The moment's now for those deceived
For all who think that life has ceased

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