Livin' Like Dat


[Chorus x2]
Become gangsta (murderer)
Pick up a toolie out the area (murderer)
Become gangsta (murderer)
Still livin' like dat, dat, dat

First and foremost, I be the funneling punishing
Lyrical acrobat, whose quite astonishing
Solar stance on the track, mentals to try me
I snatch your heart right out your chest like Priest Pai Mei

[Masta Killa]
Free from the Killa Bee, who is this I.T.T
With enough cheese, from the city where they rip the beast
With techniques, he seek, build or destroy
White toe on his tag, snatch his flag

Ref techniques, from the force of the transcontinental
Monumental, snatch your soul or your mental
Diamond mic splittin', that's right, the unforgiven
Flying guillotine, rip my raps, where the Killa's at?

[Masta Killa]
We straight out the basement
Double shotgun, left his brains on the pavement
Tasted, the cement ear, he smell it when it's deep
You know when to tuck your heat
And start creep, through the streets with the

[Chorus x2]

[Masta Killa]
I get wicked when I spit it, see the picket signs
Lines of people, they wanna hear it
The dart with the eye in kamosi
Special guest star, Jamel Irief, Afu-Ra
Exhibition, mic spar, for the televised fans
Across the nations, so steal at ten bases
Spin around scratching his crown, gun down
Another sound boy for dead, step in the chamber
Something like Thrilla Manilla, but it's iller

It's been a long time, stunnin' and gunnin', let's make it simple
Fifty strikes, light up the mic, make it official
Live your lessons, don't bring your hood up in the temple
Masterin' styles, the spinning kicks and the tripped out physic
Perverted Monks, shining the light, y'all be holding this
My art of design, is silver surf through the cosmo's
I lightsabe my ways, so my flow's can float
My quest for this zest, so yes, to be the rhyme most

[Chorus x2]

[Masta Killa]
No man, no army can calm me, if he cross
He just lost a bet of his life, sent the wrong kite
Watch it where you moving at night, but either way
In the day, you still pray, any way you lay your head

Super kinetic and magnetic, who ready to set it
One with the sun, now tell my mind to take control of the planets
Blazed with the heat behind stars, that's ultraviolet
I'm ready to ride hardcore, just like my style is
Press the venacular, of the highest stature
My lyrical dycatomy - spectacular
Blum-blum, give it to 'em raw
Listen to the brothers who get rugged and raw

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