Miss You


[Chorus: female singer]
Miss you, if you wanna fly
Everybody know that I'm takin' it high
Diss you, if you wanna fly
Everybody know that I'm bringin' it right

Progress is how I, make it, nah
No matter how you yell at me, yell at me
Shower or scour you, faithfully bathin' you, bathin' you
No sense in tamin' you, tamin' you
I crawl through the core of the earth
Sweatin' to play with you, play with you
I am who I am, who can step in the jam
Rippin' the sand, flip like Jack the Ripper, man
Same location, astro and mentally
My sense, care for the mic, like it's crystals, be
So if you wanna flee, fast or frolic with me
Tighten your seatbelts, destination, floor it with me
One, two, one, two, or what you wanna do
I've been praised my dues, with nothing to proove
But to sooth and groove, and get you in the mood
Space Ghost, and Cheech and Chong, all in the same move
You wanna run from the truth, and tigthen your noose
What I spit for you, might be hotter than the gastric juice

[Chorus x2]

So I'm, trapped, in the Matrix, I swallow you
Swallow you, insoluble sonics, able to follow you
Follow you, I'm gettin' around like Ronald McDonald do
Especially as, your coozy, raise they point of view
Your ship is thinking, you thinking, you blinking
Eyes is winking, my beacon carving out light, for your reasoning
My seasoning, house stash and four seasons
In the blizzard, I'm the wizard
And what the clearence, the current
No fear of close mind, open it, and steer it
You travel fast, with the blast master passions
Rap assassins, strike hard, but they ain't lastin'
You know the story, going for glory, I'm raisin' the trophy, yo
It never mean nothing, cats better stop frontin'
I get it in, and put it on, like silicone
Breastes, you ain't knowin', you ain't testin' this
Life Force flowin', on course, I represent

[Chorus x2]

Enter, planitary ordinents
I only know, I got one lap around the Earth
But yo, I've been rhymin', since
Hence forth, the new millennium Shakespeare
Mixed with Beethoven, melodies, they kept on going and going
Audio visuals, they kept on showing and going
Waters of laugh, my boat, I kept on rowing and rowing
It seems like there's too much to know, too far to go
Aiyo, I don't even know, yo, it came to me, in a dream
How to scope my story tippin' and trippin', express it vividly
My wizardry, instantly, increasingly makin' sense to me
To co-relate, coalete, my latest diaries
Purched powers of pararrel to the highest pressing pieces
Rap thesis, it's deeper than diseases
It seems like there's too much to know, too far to go
Aiyo, I don't even know

[Chorus to fade]

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