Perverted Monks


Blackie Chan too incredible
Molars crushed it, cause you edible
Pedal to the metal, shine lights up in the ghetto
I'm playin' my voice, on the streets, just like a cello
Modern day Othello, my bello, hell no, will never stop
Wanna get high from my mind? Got them yellow top
Fly around the earth, I'm all polite just like a smack spot
I chop stick it to death, while trynna hit the jackpot
Lyrically open, just like a crack spot

Fire burn, call me the solar monk, I got ya
Heated up, sweatin' from the lava
Oozin' out the system, volcanic eruption
I'm a natural disaster, sound clasher
Like stone love, illegal, broadcaster
Just because I spit, other people want
No comp, I don't walk, I stomp
Like ?Ole-Ah-Sah?, fire music, makes me high

[Chorus x2: Perverted Monks]
So what's it gonna be, gonna be
Nigga, back up of me
Steadily, steadily
Locked you like a felony
Readily, readily
Bust shots, that's heavily
Poetry, poetry
Jump off the melody

I took change, but gave dollars
My innocense, laid on record
Spillin' sewers per second, plug it in and check it
Thug ride, natural order, of selection
Star child indeed, I heed, the best suggestion
You can bust all your weapons, I take all your shots
Power in my heart, yo, it's too hard to stop
Child, so I'm only takin' steps up
Every day something new when I press my luck

You see a nigga like me, sees all that I be in
This mindstate, illin', drillin', for a schillin'
Yo, I'm fine as a villain, so it's tossed up
We hum bangers at your drums, I'm the cage monk, what?
My focus, on skunk, while my fam set it up
Now I step off and erupt, P-Monks, what I'm ruckus
Spit jewels like fuels, floatin' through exhaust fumes
Wicked with these pens, grab a stick, transcend

[Chorus x2]

Contested, bust caps, just like a western
Lyrical futuristic, like the Jetsons
My jet suns, spazzle, dazzle you lateral
We bleech through hover crafts for the collateral

Like a splish spash, tidal waves are splatterin'
Acid rain at the gathering, I'm traveling
Young master, aqua, and ravel ya
Bounce sparks, soft from my flow, and let it shock ya

Feel me now, scorchin' hot, the solar sound
Fire breathin', I'm releasin', lethal pounds
To the brain, information, increasin' pain
You lost in the moment, another man folded

See, what's smashed, mouth tactics, I blast ya cabbage
Spit concrete captures, to, match the masses
Lames, Respect crack back then peel
Gorilla warfare, store lead, like steel

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