Yeah, baby, how you, now what you wanna do
Instead of working these ways, I should of been loving
Creepin' off, type of ways, I should of been true to you
Huggin' and rubbin', or comin' home just to talk to you
Play some chest, in the rest, so make love to you
So what cha, what cha, what cha, wanna do?
I seen my life flashin' my face in, my present, future and memories
Memoirs of a czar, to caught sars, from dreams in the stars
Melodies over the precious bars
The beat and you together, are like matrimony
Cuz when I hear it or see you, I be the one and only
Why me, then why you, the simple kind
Of things, like my favorite color is blue
It can't be planted in me, backwards and forwards with me
Out of this planet with me
If I had to I would, I lock you up in the chamber with me

[Chorus: Teena Marie]
I, I wanna love you baby, love you baby
I, I wanna feel your body, up and down
Up inside me

It's like breafast in bed for the first time
That's right, sometimes I wish I lived my life in rewind
Steady going through the motions, yeah, of every emotion
Transpire, smooth as my outfit
Mondays is paisley, wednesday is vaguely arguile
Saturdays, fit with the charming smile
So won't you meet me at the el flamingo
Forget about the Christ' jingles, we sip mohitos
The feelings are high for you, they tri-lingual
African drums, Russian hip hop, and disco
It only takin' three moves, you all up in my zone
Like tic - tac - and toe
Yo, it's so easy, cuz these other cats is jah-so-bro's

[Chorus x4]

So let's pain an oasis
From the clouds, up to the constellations, to be our basement
Beats run home, hot tub in the living room
No space for satisfaction, well I'mma make room
Pawns hittin' the tomb, horns blowin' to the moon
If I could taste you on the platter, I wanna be spoon fed
No condiments, and no sauce, forget the bread
12 o'clock, in the morning, as I start the yawnin'
I feel your body calling, ready for the installment
Like the flower you are, open up, I drop my pollen in
We interwine like knowledge, all up in my rhyme again

[Chorus to fade]

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