A Tale Of Two Tyrants


There he stands, the scoundrel king
Surrounded by his scoundrel guard
Our plan is to take him quick
Hit him strong and hit him hard
As you sweep down and take his throat
The despot, he exists no more
My men surround him and take his crown
The empire comes crumbling down

And now the king is dead
Rest in spikes does his head
Maim those he called his own
As I ascend the throne
And as my first decision
I order you imprisoned
You are my biggest threat
Winged assassin, you're sentenced to death!

You, my soldier distinguished
Forever will be extinguished
I announce a grand banquet
We celebrate your doomed fate
And no sign must still remain
Of the kind that ruled this place
From the ashes of all that's lost
We raise the empire of albatross
Take down what remains
Leave no trace of the king
An albatross shall be carved in stone
And unveiled at dining

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