Children Of The Cloud


We lift off the ground
Hurtle towards the cloud
Leave your worries behind
As the clouds draw near
Your worries disappear
Only smiles you will find

But to be a proud
Child of the cloud
Your task you must fulfill
Your parents you will kill
Let's play a little game
Things will never be the same

Keeping you confined
In your little cells
Taking away all the fun
And making life hell
Here's your chance
To make them pay
Then among the clouds
Forever you can play

We've reached the cotton-candy
Playground in the clouds
Your friends await you
Beaming ever so proud
They've all killed their folks
And are free of their chains
They rode this ride before
And they will ride again

All it takes is a stroke
To strike them head
I'll help you celebrate
My juggling my own head
Slowly I detach
My head is not attached
See hahahahaha I juggle
See me hahahah no struggle

You had your share of fun now
In this ground in the cloud
It's time to go down again
Back on to the ground
Do visit us again
And tell me if you like how this sounds
Let's not rest until
You strike your parents down

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