In the Lair Of Dr. Hex


The rebellion had been crushed,
All hope, they said, was gone,
But in this dank, putrid room,
A new assassin was born!
Welcome, to my lair
You are awake, now be aware
My friend, you look vexed
You can call me Doctor Hex

You were taken in stealth, when the battle was lost
Escaping the blood, and away from the force
The rebellion crushed, our plans were all foiled
The blood of our brothers, still lies on the soil
But now you will rise
Bring death from the skies

Inside your back, the seeds have been sown
The world you have known, you will now disown
Our one true hope, you must bear the cross
Unfurl your wings, reborn Albatross
Destruction you'll bring
So warrior, take wing

With your wings, bring us salvation
With your claws, an assassination
From your flight, a new order will rise
The Albatross, fear from the skies!
Rise above, now ascend higher
We'll build today, our own empire
Through the pain, and friends that we've lost
We'll raise the sign...of Albatross!

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