Carry My Load

Alvin Lee

Seems that I've got to carry my load
Keep on down that long winding road
But I'd like to sit down for a while
Got a dark cloud following me
Seems that fate just wont let me be
Got to keep on pushing down the road

Seems to me this road has got no end
But maybe it gets better round the bend

So I'll keep on moving along
Pass the time by singing my song
Maybe today the sun will shine on me
Seems I've felt this way in the past
Time has shown that nothing can last
So I'll keep on trucking down the road
"Chemicals, Chemistry, Mystery & More"
1978 Space Songs, Ltd.

Life is all one great big universe
Chemicals, chemistry, mystery and more
Life is what you make it
Life can hit you hard
Life can pick you up - oh
And throw you down again
Live in pain is life
Hurts to lose a friend
Hearts torn away
Death, the spirit lives
And forevermore to be free
Forever to be free

Composição: Alvin Lee

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