The Bluest Blues

Alvin Lee

I couldn't wait to see you - waiting by the door
There's no one there to meet me - and your clothes are on the floor
Sorry if I hurt you - and I made you cry
Couldn't stand to see you - with another guy
It's the bluest blues - and it cuts me like a knife
It's the bluest blues - since you walked out of my life

Couldn't really tell you - how you hurt my pride
Something broke within me - down inside
I never knew I loved you - til you went away
Now the loneliness surrounds me - everyday
It's the bluest blues - since you walked out of the door
It's the bluest blues - cause I won't see you no more

I'm sorry if I failed you - if somehow I'm to blame
It's the bluest blues I'm feeling - it's a cryin' shame
I just can't live without you - face another day
It's the bluest blues I'm feeling, and it's here to stay
It's the bluest blues, and it cuts me to the bone
It's the bluest blues, when you can't find your way home

Composição: Alvin Lee

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