Friday The 13th

Alvin Lee

I don't know if I'm right or wrong, but I didn't do
Can't relate to ability, so much space and room in me
All the things that I can't believe, all the things that I can't conceive
Trouble mounting, under the sea

There's thoughts that I can find, hidden deep inside my mind
Seems that every thing I saw
Are just memories left behind me now

I can't live with reality
Cut my chains and set me free
Try to lose everything I'm told
I don't buy, every thing I've sold
Til , I'll be passing by
All the pain, and all the strife
Trouble mounting, Friday 13

Those memories seem so tall
When I to learn them all
Wished that
Are just , call on me
It's friday on the 13th !

Composição: Alvin Lee

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