Big Fox

I wanted to be like the girls
Who had curves under their
”Fruit of the loom” sweatshirts
I wanted to be like the girls
Who could yawn and look away
For something more interesting

They could tell you a secret
Whisper close to your ear as if you were the chosen one
And then be gone
They could tell you someone was cute
In a way that made you feel that you should think so too

I wanted to be like the girls
Who came back on mondays
Whispering about friday night
They knew so much about life
And about love and
What it was all about

They were way past you in experience
Like explorers telling stories
About a land you’d never seen
Yeah they were full of a certain wisdom
And their advices were like the lines of an american tv show

Move your hips and
Look rather bored
And giggle when the boys talk…

But I did not want the boys
I just wanted

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