The Storm

Big Fox

And so the storm came
The rough started to shiver
As if the wind
Would bring me along

She called out my name
And the old oak trees quivered
Crying that I
Had forgotten my song

”You have to let the fire glow
To find the things you need to know
Deep within the fire’s glow
You’ll find what you’re looking for”

I knew every word
I knew and I didn’t
Gone through my mind
So many times

And I knew she was on her way
I knew that the time had come

I cried out for someone to hold me
As if someone could walk in my place
As if I could stop the unfolding
And escape what I had to embrace

But there she was
Standing right before me
The queen of the wind
The queen of all I tried to hide
She said
”Don’t you ever ignore me
Cause I’ll always be
On your side”

And I fell down on my knees and cried
And I fell down on my knees and cried

Then just like that
The evening went quiet
She was gone
I was left with the silence

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