Bring On The Big

Brad Martin

I've paid my dues not knowin that's what I was doin
and I'm stronger than I ever thought Id be
I can handle the whatever cause I've held it together
through every nearly made it
that took a part (piece) of me

(Now) I wanna run with the big dogs
play in the big leagues
I wanna breathe in the big life
fall in the big love please
I wanna feel it
I really mean it
I wanna shine
Bring on the big (I'm ready)
bring on the big (I'm waiting) this time

I woke up this mornin thinkin anything could happen I love the light of possibility
I don't know where I'm headed but I've never been more ready
to take that leap of faith and find
what's waiting there for me

love that could hurt me
a life that is worth every chance that I'm willin to take
Oh the unordinary
The things that could scare me I wont let them scare me away

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