Brad Martin

She got an "A" on her paper when we all got "C's"
I ain't gotta tell you what that means
She slept with Mr. Hickman

Have you heard the one about the homecoming queen
She's the quote quote captain of the football team
That's what the girls are whispering

That pebble hits the pond with a tiny splash of truth
And it ripples down the street where they're starving for the scoop

I heard it through the grapevine
That's where the whole thing starts
Never mind the details, jump to the juicy part
My neighbor's cousin heard it from the guy who fixed her car
The rumor mill's rockin', the whole town's hoppin'
Nothin' gets 'em talking like a little gossip

Mr. Frank who owns the A&P
Got caught with the new clerk Beverly
He squeezed more than the charmin

The judge he is a business man
Him and the sheriff bought some land
Willie Nelson's kind of farming

(repeat pre-chorus/chorus)

It ain't gossip if you know the source is good
There's busy bodies in this neighborhood
So keep it to yourself if you would

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