I Just Keep Falling Down

Brad Martin

Everyday habits
just a string of things I can't break
And I got pretty little poisons
all the things I do to make you stay
but I can't fix you
and you don't want me to
but I try

I just keep falling down
Keep losing my place
I wanna be brave so I wait
for the strength it takes
No matter what I do
I can't get to you
I try to pick us up
try to do enough
to keep this thing
from crashin to the ground
But I just keep falling down

you want me but you don't
you play me like a sad violin
I just want you to love me
and the truth is so hard to admit
I can't make you
do what I want you to
but I try

What am I supposed to do with the love that keeps me here
This hurt in my heart is just so heavy and it never disappears

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